Clear Fold


For nearly 40 years, Clear Fold has produced and sold the highest quality door and barrier solutions on the market.  In 1979, they introduced the revolutionary Clear Fold Door and exploded on the car wash market.  Over the years, Clear Fold expanded their product lines to serve hundreds of clients nationwide.

ClientClear Fold
ServicesRebranding + Website


Clear Fold, formerly CF Doors before rebranding, had an amazing story, team, and product line poorly served by the former brand.  The name “CF Doors” didn’t capitalize on their rich legacy, brand image and colors were a dull tones of brown, the logo didn’t represent their future, and the website was generic.


Absolute, as always, spent considerable time meeting with the Clear Fold team to understand the company, the industry, and the business challenges and opportunities.  We first returned the company to its roots, bringing back the original Clear Fold name.  A logo with tagline was then designed to clearly represent the present and future of the Clear Fold brand, including a fresh new color palette.  Once these core elements were in place, a new website, brand assets, and search engine optimization strategy was developed.